" Soldering is our passion "

SEHO Go Wave : Compact avec la dernière technologie SEHO


Cet équipement est idéal pour des productions de petites et moyennes séries. Machine très compacte équipée d’un fluxeur et d’une zone de préchauffage à haute performance. Une zone de travail allant jusqu’à une largeur de 340mm.


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SEHO Powerwave N2 : Conçu pour réduire les coûts de production

The nitrogen wave soldering system SEHO PowerWave N2 is designed for medium to large-sized production volumes and particularly puts a focus on optimizing your production quality while minimizing the manufacturing costs.

Cette machine est adaptée pour alliage sans plomb et plomb.


SEHO MWS 2300 : Flexible and future Oriented - Wave soldering to its Perfection

Based on SEHO’s leading nitrogen technology, the precision and high-quality machine tooling as well as the modular design, the nitrogen wave soldering system MWS 2300 is the high end wave soldering system which leaves nothing to be desired and which can be adapted to every particular manufacturing task. The low consumption fluxer system, the innovative and individually configurable preheat area, the soldering area that is designed for maximum quality of soldering results, the up-to-date control unit and several functions for automated process control are only some of the many features of MWS 2300.


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SEHO Lean Select : Innovant et Productif

  The SEHO LeanSelect is particularly designed to meet these challenges, featuring highest flexibility and outstanding return of invest.
While the entire process is fully automated, loading and unloading of assemblies is done manually on two separate conveyors.

This allows processing of up to five carriers at the same time. 

Avec un process de fabrication complètement automatisé, cette équipement permet de contenir jusqu’à 5 cadres en même temps. 


SEHO Power Selective : Pour une production flexible avec un volume de production important 

SEHO PowerSelective is featured with an outstanding modular machine construction which ensures highest flexibility. The basic system can ideally be configurated to meet different specific production requirements and it provides the opportunity to be upgraded step by step at a later date to suit subsequent production developments.

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